Fee and Costs

Belgium Immigration for Investors and Entrepreneurs


We assist our clients with company formations, residence permits, appointment of a company director, taxes, citizenship, legal advice, real estate and much more, offering professional advice and consultancy.

Fees and charges for a Belgian residence application will vary from case by case. For a residence permit application the following minimum fees (exclusive of VAT, which may apply depending on the client’s situation) are charged (for one/main applicant):

1. Main Applicant

€ 95,000 for the application to obtain a residence permit for the first year
€ 25,000 for every renewal for the second and subsequent years
€ 35,000 for a citizenship application (possible at the earliest after the third year)

2. Fees for family members (spouses and children under 18 years of age), per family member:

€ 20,000 for application to obtain a residence permit for the first year
€ 10,000 for every renewal for the second and subsequent years
€ 20,000 for a citizenship application (at the earliest after the third year)

3. Company Incorporation Costs

Costs for establishing a company and directors fee : Approx. € 10,000- € 20,000 in the first year and approx. € 5,000 per year thereafter
Office Rental Space: Available from approx. € 6,000 per year
Costs for accounting, tax returns and company maintenance as well as private accommodation furnished apartment : approx. €1,000 per month.

We expect our clients a minimum investment of EUR 300,000 or more, to cover necessary govt fee and applicable costs, before applying for Belgium Residence Program. At present we are only able to assist Wealthy individuals and high net worth Investors.

The above fee includes all of the following services:

• Advice and assistance during the initial residence application
• Assistance in the search for adequate housing
• Initial pre-immigration tax advice
• Direct access to the various authorities
• Assistance with opening bank accounts in Belgium
• Liaison with all local and government authorities
• Submission of the application to the relevant government authorities
• Advice and assistance regarding local accommodation and related formalities
• Assistance with the registration in the municipality
• Advice and assistance during all renewals of the temporary residence permit
• Assistance with obtaining a permanent residence permit
• Advice and assistance with the citizenship application
• Follow-up of the citizenship application
• Assistance with the passport application

If you are interested, please complete our online application and one of our representatives will contact you. We can arrange meetings in Belgium or Switzerland or London as per your convenience.

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