Belgium Immigration for Investors and Entrepreneurs


The following are the most frequently asked questions about immigrating to Belgium.

What are the benefits of immigrating to Belgium?

  1. Belgium is at heart of Europe and hub of international trade.
  2. Business friendly country.
  3. Apply for citizenship with just 3 yrs of legal residence in Belgium.
  4. No restrictions on dual citizenship.
  5. Multicultural country with English widely spoken.
  6. Visa free travel to over 120 countries.

What services you provide in Belgium?

• Belgium Company formations
• Initial pre-immigration tax advice
• Direct access to the various authorities
• Opening bank accounts in Belgium
• Liaison with all local and government authorities
• Submission of the application to the relevant government authorities
• Advice and assistance regarding local accommodation and related formalities
• Assistance with the registration in the municipality
• Advice and assistance during all renewals of the temporary residence permit
• Permanent residence permit, passport and citizenship applications in Belgium
• Real estate purchase/selling in Belgium
• International tax planning
• Legal and financial advice.

How a non EU foreigner immigrate to Belgium with their family?

We offer a `Residence program in Belgium` package for foreigners and non-EU citizens to acquire residence permit in Belgium and then permanently move to Belgium with their family.

Foreigners and non-EU persons can apply for residence permit under investor or business category, which usually involves in either investing in a belgium company with an office as a director/owner of the company, you can easily qualify for the belgian residence permit along with any family members. It usually takes 3-8 months to get the residence permit issued to investors who form their company. You will need to renew the residence permit annually for 3 yrs and after which you will qualify for `permanent residence permit` or directly apply for citizenship.  once your citizenship application is approved, you can apply for passport and you become a full ‘EU citizen’.

What is the minimum investment needed?

We expect our clients to have atleast USD 250,000 at their disposal, to meet the necessary expenses and charges.

Is this purely investment program?

No, it is not an investment program at all. We are just making sure that our clients enough money to meet the expenses and government fee before applying for citizenship programs.   At present, we are only able to assist high net worth individuals, wealthy families and multinational corporates.

What are your fee and charges?

Our fee and charges are clearly mentioned in fee and charges page.

Can i make personal visit?

We can arrange meetings in Dubai, London or Switzerland, to discuss your requirements. We ask you to schedule an appointment by using this contact form.

Are there restrictions on who can apply?

There are no restrictions and anybody from apply, be it from any country.

Do you offer residence and citizenship programs in other countries?

We do assist our clients with residence programs in Belgium, Austria, Monaco, Hong Kong, Canada, UK.  We also assist very wealthy clients with Austria citizenship (Min EUR 2-3 million investment) and St.Kitts Citizenship (minimum USD 250,000). For more information, please visit http://www.best-citizenships.com